A Letter To Her –Refuse Abuse

#ALetterToHer Dear Friend, You are a super awesome person and I’m the lucky one because I get to be your friend. Right from the start after we became friends and that I visited your house, I knew that something was wrong; however, my intuition was suppressed by your excuses and explanations for each and everything. […]


He is the voice of certainty, His love is distinct; He defers his own needs and desires, To support and nurture your dreams; He is always by your side and omnipresent in many ways, To provide you the comfort and security in all the challenges you face; So, feel and cherish the healing power of […]

Make Your Housekeeper Water Positive!

  save water  Sushila! Sushila! Can you please close the tap? I yelled, but didn’t get any reply. I went towards the kitchen and then spoke very politely to my housekeeper “Sushila, just close the tap at least when you are applying soap on the dishes”. She said ok, with a smile on her face. […]

Ishu-The Empowered Divyang #INCLUSIVE INDIA

The ease of our own lives prevents us from seeing life through the eyes of others. Have you ever Imagined yourself in a wheelchair trying to negotiate a steep curb, trying to enter a building or some form of transportation? The thought itself leaves you threatened. Do you know there are some physically challenged people […]


  Introverts have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. They listen more than they talk and think before they speak. They have different personality traits, with different desires, and behaviors. They express their beautiful side silently but nonetheless movingly by pictures/art/numbers/writing/sound/doodling. They have their own power that comes out in different ways. Introversion is […]


  Published at ; http://www.speakingtree.in/blog/i-love-my-flaws “I’m good at nothing, and I’m too stupid to get anything right!” Have you ever felt such self-pity in your life? It is the feeling of insecurity or the lack of self-confidence. Insecurity is a kind of poison which is affecting young minds nowadays. At times we become so consumed […]

“Eating Tips By Top Nutritionist during pregnancy”  

Pregnancy is the time when every woman must have a healthy and nutritious diet. However, pregnancy is not a license to overeat. A pregnant woman only needs an additional 300 calories a day. Three hundred calories sound like a lot, but it’s about the amount in two large apples. Nausea is a very common problem […]

Letter to my son on his 18th birthday………

Published in  JobsForHer blog My dear son, You are my joy and my most precious pearl. It still seems like yesterday, from the moment you were born and I heard your first cry, my heart was yours. With every developmental milestone you reached, I revealed in joy and celebration. Your first words, your first steps filled […]


  Happy Mother’s Day MOM! #AdviceGiver #Chef #BestHomeMaker #Doctor #Teacher #Angel #Sunshine #ShoppingMate #HeartAndSoul #BestWomanOnEarth #LoveYouForever My Mom is not just a wonderful lady but my lifeline. In all these years she has always considered my happiness and well-being ahead of her own. The older I grow, the more I realize that she is my […]

Why should a new mommy meditate

  The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. Every new mom can admit to scrolling social media, cooking dinner, or reading a book while breastfeeding her baby. The only universal problem of a new mom is like, “My skinny jeans […]