Accept the Wabi Sabi Version of Yourself Girl!



Hello Everyone!!

Do you remember the last day when u were going through your pictures on your cell phone and editing it to look prettier? U will say that you do it almost every day but what is the big deal, everybody does it. And yes of course there is no harm too in editing and making the use of technology. Its ok girls my concern is with our mindset. Why do we want to appear flawless? Why do we think and act with perfection in mind? Are we obsessed with the fact that our appearance on social media matters? If your answer is yes then definitely you are over thinking.

Thinking – Over Yet?

Over thinking is generally assumed as the phenomena of fabricating and conjuring problems that do not happen to exist normally. People suffer from many kinds of diseases but the disease of over-thinking is the one which I think ruins everything-from contentment to peace of mind. It can become difficult to act.

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Come on, there is no harm in admitting it, most of us over think, and till a certain point it is alright but also be informed galz, when we over think, our judgements get cloudy and our stress gets elevated. Don’t you think that there is a fine line between a considerate amount of thinking and over-complicated thought processes.

O Womaniya!

We as women love to look perfect especially when it comes to our face and figure. To flaunt oneself on social media is the norm these days. We leave no stone unturned to make our face look smooth and perfect without freckles. We switch on to starve and exercise a lot to maintain our figure and please a man of our dreams. Furthermore in addition we often use filters to look spotless and charming.

But you know what? During execution of all these activities our thought process is always on. We start over thinking and as a result spend too much time in being negative. Unconsciously, we may suffer this “disease” because we aren’t geared up for welcoming the wonderful thoughts in our minds. Our inability to accept the real version of our own selves is the root cause.

The earful we get……..

For eons we have been told as women that this is what we should look like and this is the standard of beauty we need to follow. We are brought up with the mindset of being the best to deserve the best. We spent so much time in being negative and elbowing each other out of the way sometimes also pulling each other down.

We act according to our thought process but wait…

Can we for a second love ourselves for the way we are, and not indulge in self doubt or self hate to our soul?

Can we stop berating ourselves; there are enough people to do that to us.

It begins with you……..

The best way to love yourself and alienate this disease of over thinking is to train yourself to believe, to let go what we can’t change and accept that acting due to over thinking is certainly not the solution. Afterall beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Distraction towards happiness by taking time off racing thoughts; Abandoning being a perfectionist and sticking to giving your best and facing failures are some of the best ways to counter the problem.

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Why can’t we accept the Wabi Sabi version of ourselves and stop treating ourselves as second class citizens?

Remember the three I’s of Wabi Sabi (Imperfect, Incomplete and Impermanent). Don’t over think, Love your soul first.





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