Wabi Sabi Relationships


Hello everyone!!

My world is Wabi Sabi!!

Everything was completely different and blur till eleven months back. With the onset of latest phase in life I am learning to adopt the sketchy, lacking and temporary. In today’s quick paced world where everything appears to be perfect I wish to revel in my imperfections and embrace the Wabi Sabi manner of life. So just in case, you are wondering what Wabi Sabi is? It’s all about embracing the imperfect, incomplete and impermanent in our relations.

Relations shape our capacity to love. Human beings can’t live without relationships, we are similar to computers that way, hardwired, likewise. We come across so many relationships in our lives from mom, dad, friends, relatives, to spouse, lover etc. etc. We fall in love when we never want to and when someone radiates it, we naturally crave their company. But then with time and situations either relationships mature or, some part ways, never considering any thoughts to console and go on. We try to maintain the decorum but then in spite of our efforts relationships don’t remain the same.

When it comes to relationships we follow a belief system blindly and that’s where unhappiness occupies our mind. We forget the indisputable fact that imperfection is a part of our lives, be it you or me, the question is to love someone for who they are, without expectations. Can we not try to understand the reason behind our perceptions instead of surrounding ourselves with negative feelings to an extent that we overlook the enchantment of our relationships. Why do we forget that pain is inevitable and invariably exists with love.

The key to this, is probably being non-judgemental, and this can be attained only if we train our minds to be happy with imperfections in others open heartedly.

You know what… It’s time to let go of all your grudges, and look for happiness in relationships rather than perfection. They say your mind is a parachute, so open up your mind to amazing new perceptions and beliefs. Wabi Sabi feelings cannot be explained in words, you have to comprehend it.

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