Dream it! Achieve it!

Women’s economic empowerment is not a matter for government policy, civil society or the private sector alone. All have critical roles to play. We must not wait for advice everytime

Let’s Go out there, screw up and learn from our failures. Let’s not feel pressure to declare what kind of woman we are. It’s ok to evolve and change our goals with time.

We must Communicate our accomplishments, Advocate for our own selves for that position. If we see ourselves as a leader, the world will also see us that way.

Good or bad, right or wrong clock of time cannot be turned back. We can’t separate the ingredients once mixed. Likewise there are no do overs but there are second chances there are new opportunities to be happy again. So instead of regretting the chances Give yourself opportunities for a happier and successful life.

Let’s feel strong, independent empowered and Take the opportunity to give back to those who come behind us.

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