Women And Sports: A Fight For Equitability

How Gender Equality ensures effective utilisation of the Both halves of the brain!! Read the full article on Women and Sports on blogfuzia.


There was a time when women’s sports was a taboo; since then, it has evolved from being a baby to a full-grown adult. Women are no more denied the right to pursue a career in sports. The world thinks it has done enough to bridge the gap by giving women the right to choose a career which was once deemed a man’s territory. This makes me want to comprehend, why is it that women athletes are still fighting for their rights? Have we done enough? Why is it that women in this industry still feel the brunt of sexism? We talk about gender equality and women empowerment and then we put women athletes in a position where they are compelled to fight for their rights. There have been many contradictory views on this but I feel we should let the statistics and facts speak. So, here are a few facts…

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