Fuzia Founder Riya Sinha Gets The ‘Iconic Teen Entrepreneur’ Award

Today’s girl has a ripple effect. Investing in a girl’s well being have a transformational affect on her family, society and community as a whole. Progress in and around the world depends on whether girls reach their full potential.

When girls are promoted they become more productive and better citizens, parents and providers. So, today’s girls are a promise of brighter future.

I feel proud in acknowledging the fact that Fuzia is the first of its kind pedestal for creative girls from all around the globe created and maintained by “Beauties with the brains”.

Thanks a lot RIYA SINHA for creating such an amazing pedestal for girls/women all around the world. It’s the best platform to flaunt our skills.


British Columbia, Canada, November 17th, 2017:

Riya Sinha, fuzia founder, participated in the Women Economic Forum ( www.wef.org.in/ ) conference held at the City of Surrey Hall from November 16-19.The global, all women conference, organized by All Ladies League, consisted of many accomplished women coming together to discuss topics on women empowerment and gender equality.

Riya Sinha spoke about how Art, Education, Media, and innovation can shift consciousness about women in society. She specifically focused on how she and the Fuzia team have created Fuzia with these different concepts in mind, and how it has lead to Fuzia helping bring feminism into the 21st century.

Riya sinha shared her vision of Fuzia. “Through Fuzia, I want to redefine feminism in the modern times. I want women to come together and empower each other towards a common goal,” This global conference opened many opportunities for Fuzia as well, because of the…

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