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“I’m good at nothing, and I’m too stupid to get anything right!” Have you ever felt such self-pity in your life? It is the feeling of insecurity or the lack of self-confidence. Insecurity is a kind of poison which is affecting young minds nowadays. At times we become so consumed with insecurity that we forget how to deal with it. It lingers in every thought that we fix our focus on all our flaws instead of appreciating our real identity. We starve ourselves to be deemed “beautiful” by a society that we stop doing what we really love in the face of being judged by others. This results in making wrong decisions in our lives.  We don’t realize it but these things eventually corrupt our whole being.

So the question here is how can we overcome it?

First, realize that our identity is a blend of imperfections, no matter how unappealing we may consider them to be, but they contribute to our being and uniqueness. We should use them as our motivation for our improvement.

Second, it’s important to understand that we can’t please everyone. If we let our happiness and self-satisfaction always be dependent on others judgment, then we will always be a prisoner of their thoughts.

Third, we should engulf ourselves with peers who value us and can contribute to our growth. Our peers can make us or destroy us; so we must choose the right friends.

An infuse of confidence within us would go a long way. If you are insecure about your performance then use it as a tool to drive yourself to do better. All we have to do is to challenge ourselves to always look at the brighter side and see the beauty in things. We should not judge ourselves from others perspective.

My happiness is entirely under my control, so every time I feel like wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt, I say to myself,

“I love my body, my face, my personality, my quirks, my imperfections”

“I know that I am flawed in a lot of ways, but that doesn’t define my happiness”.

Because they make me ‘me’ and I love my individuality !