Introverts have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. They listen more than they talk and think before they speak. They have different personality traits, with different desires, and behaviors. They express their beautiful side silently but nonetheless movingly by pictures/art/numbers/writing/sound/doodling. They have their own power that comes out in different ways.

Introversion is not a thing that needs to be cured. It is okay to be a quiet person, it is okay to enjoy being alone, and it is okay to be lost in your own world.

When I spend an insane amount of time alone I feel energized and thus my intuition is on point. I consider it such a joy to be occupied with artistic thoughts on my head and get antsy when I’m not able to talk and discuss with myself. Being an introvert I’m not able to voice out my thoughts so I make myself ready to answer the world by scribbling my thoughts.

Written words seem to flow more fluently for me than verbal. Writing gives me a way to express all the thoughts going on inside of my head and heart resulting in a new sense of balance. It is a different strength, something many struggle with.

Every once a while when I launch out of my shell I am out there to meet, laugh, talk to people and then when I am done socializing I am back to being one to keep myself away from unnecessary nuisances.

Everyone needs support and help. I am what I am because my husband makes me feel so loved, so safe and so protected. We’re just hardwired that way. I feel the only way to be “truly” happy and content being “alone” is by having a bond and special closeness with at least one other human being in life who is geologically close by – someone who’s got your back.

My passion – our passion – is big and we are not weak. We are not boring hermits, nor shy speechless small people who have no presence. We are just perfect and we express through our creative works.